Various artists - Girls Girls Girls: 1960s Rock’n’Roll

Nashville’s response to girl group hits

A companion issue to the surf-based
Spar records output, this
covers all the girl group styles and
adds versions of several of the
major hits, the most convincing
being The Avons’ shots at Be My
Baby, Sally Go Round The Roses
and Soldier Boy.

The set opens with Ricky
Page’s effective Jerry Ragavoy
song, Pata Pata, followed by the
well-constructed You Can’t Trust
A Friend from Delores Edgin (no,
we hadn’t either). Connie
Landers sounds particularly fine
on Goffin/King’s I Can’t Stay
Mad At You, as do The Kittens
on Foolish Little Girl.

Among the originals there’s
the easygoing Big Windy City
from the unlikely-named
Phoebe, Unky & Fatty Ann.
Other decent covers include
Sylvia Richards’ Hello Stranger
and Peggy Thompson’s lively I
Sold My Heart To The
Junkman. This is certainly one
for girlie collectors, but the 24
tracks will be also well received
by more general sixties fans.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

SPV Yellow | SPV 92272 CD

Reviewed by Kingsley Abbott
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