Ghosts On The Road: Neil Young In Concert 1961-2006
by Pete Long

Journey thru the past

Ghosts On The Road:
Neil Young In Concert

When Neil Young
isn’t astounding
us anymore, it’s
nice to find
related to him
that does. With
a list-heavy layout
similar to
George Dundas’ archival Dylan
tome Tangled, Ghosts On The
Road sets out to catalogue every
live show Young’s ever played,
where and when, what songs, who
supported, whether it was
bootlegged… He draws the line at
the shirts Young wore, but unless
it was a Trans show, you can bet
they were checked.

As Long admits, it’s not
complete yet, more an ongoing
project (from its first publication in
1996) hampered by the lack of
early 60s and Buffalo Springfield
archives. If anyone else can tell us
about Young’s 1961 show with
The Jades, however, we’ve yet to
meet them, and by the time
you’ve gotten through all of this,
Long will no doubt have filled in
the gaps, which are mostly
plugged by the mid-70s.

With context to each tour, a
discography of official and unofficial
recordings (cross-referenced with
their set lists!), musicians who’s
who, song chart of what was played
(and how often) on each tour and
even a list of alternative venue
names makes this essential for all
Rusties, and it’s only available at

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Old Homestead Press | ISBN 0952651726

Reviewed by Jason Draper
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