Squire - Get Smart!

When mod went pop

It started with a bang, with Squire turning up at The Roundhouse on the off-chance and blagging his way on to the Mods Mayday ’79 comp, and their first few singles have all the cocky, stripy-blazered goodtime strut of the beery sub-Jam scene. Walking Down The Kings Road could only ever be finger-snapping, pumped-up, amfakeamine fun, then and now.
Hoisted by their own parka strings when the mod revival went on life support a couple of years later, Squire proved capable of making decent 45s without words like ‘Mod’ ‘Face’ and ‘World’ in the titles. The ’68-ish progression of No Time Tomorrow (OK, bad example) has a groovily hung-up swirl about it, while September Gurls actually lets go and grooves.
It was only in Europe that the band’s mod legacy was forgiven. 1982’s Get Smart! LP comes out with horns blazing, a bigger pop production and even a few flashes of wistful lyrical maturity. It’s only a natural hit sandwich short of a genuine pop picnic, and the album undoubtedly did deserve a better chance than it was ever going to get. So it goes.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Derek Hammond
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