Twickenham Stadium
8th July, 2007

View: stalls, 25 yards out, stage-right

With a ginormous burnished steel
lighting rig/backdrop, the quintet
led by Phil Collins kicked off their
Turn It On Again reunion with an
extended take on their signature
tune, bringing the masses to their
feet. They stayed there for 155
minutes, admiring Collins’ vocals,
drum prowess and titting about,
whether tap-dancing as on the
opener, or gurning on Mama.
Highlights of the 18-song set were
many, from pop-rock No Son Of
Mine and Land Of Confusion, to
the monumental In The Cage, with
Phil swapping mic for drums, and
the fiery Home By The Sea.
Squonk images danced for the
singalong Follow You Follow Me,
In Your Wardrobe saw Phil in
tambourine circus mode, Domino
had him projected in a wormhole

Reviewed by Tim Jones
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