Sparks - Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

Mouthwateringly Mael, satisfyingly Sparksian

To someone who dubbed
Sparks “musical Marmite” in
RC in 2002, Exotic Creatures
Of The Deep is another fine
example of their crowd-splitting
showmanship. As
always, a 21st Century Sparks
album seems to come after
another Mael-aping star pops
up. We’ve had the Scissors
and Franz already, now we
have Mika doing a great
Russell to mass acclaim.
Sparks’ 21st record shows the
youngsters how it is done.

We can now whisper that
2005’s Hello Young Lovers
wasn’t as good as we first
thought. Aside from some
career best-equalling material,
the layers of repetition got a bit
much in places. Exotic
Creatures Of The Deep has
something the last two albums
haven’t had: genuine pop
singles. The buoyant Good
Morning and the rocking and
wry Lighten Up Morrissey would
both make the old-fashioned
Top 20.
It’s a trifle long, and to
these Sparks-loving ears, The
Director Never Yelled “Cut” and
(She Got Me) Pregnant could
easily have been omitted, but
the glam of I Can’t Believe That
You Would Fall For All The Crap
In This Song and Ron’s wordplay
on This Is The Renaissance
demonstrate, once again, that
for a veteran band (a
description they would surely
detest) moving forward, they are
simply without equal.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

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Reviewed by Daryl Easlea
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