Julian Lennon - Everything Changes

Back in the studio after a lengthy sabbatical

It’s not easy being the
musician son of one of the
most famous musicians in the
world, so it’s understandable
that Julian Lennon should also
explore other avenues to
occupy his time. In recent
years, he’s been making a
name for himself as a
photographer, working
extensively with U2 and – less
obviously – as an official
snapper at the wedding of
Prince Albert of Monaco.

Now, however, he’s
returning to his first love – 13
years after his previous album
– no doubt once again bracing
himself for the unavoidable
comparisons to dad. But
while, like half-brother Sean
on his 2006 album Friendly
Fire, the genetic lineage is
clearly detectable, Everything
Changes offers enough of
Julian as his own man to be
judged on its own merits;
having said that, the melodic
piano balladry of Lookin’ 4 Luv
owes a tangible debt to his
honorary uncle Paul.

The bottom line is that
Julian Lennon’s new songs
exists in a confident world of
classily-crafted adult pop with
smart lyrics and solid musical
constructions, rubbing
shoulders with the likes of Ben
Folds or John Grant. Whisper
it, but the powerfully emotive
Guess It Was Me and the
reflective Don’t Wake Me Up
are more attractive than more
than a few of Lennon Senior’s
later efforts.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Terry Staunton
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