Melvins - Everybody Loves Sausages

Reheating some old bangers

Everybody Loves Sausages

Not every covers album features songs originally recorded by artists as diverse as Queen, Venom and Divine, and accompanied by guests including members of Neurosis and Blondie, but Melvins are the sort of band that specialise in the unusual. Who else, for example, switches between two line-ups (Melvins Lite being the other) and would’ve released 1994’s oddball experimental album Prick at a time when their sound was vaguely in vogue?

Everybody Loves Sausages begins faithfully enough, with Warhead and Black Betty in particular staying true to the originals. But then with the help of guest JG Thirwell’s ominous vocal delivery, David Bowie’s Station To Station becomes a thing of lurching menace, while The Kinks’ Attitude is delivered as a visceral rush of punk and The Jam’s Art School is heralded with an opening “Oi Oi Oi” volley that changes its atmosphere completely. Perhaps best of all is Jello Biafra’s intensely creepy approximation of Bryan Ferry on Roxy Music’s In Every Dream Home A Heartache.

The occasional moment of reinvention and the band’s tongue-in-cheek attitude make for a playful listen, but even an audacious twist on Divine’s Female Trouble can’t transform the covers album format from an enjoyable diversion to something more substantial.  

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Ben Hopkins
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