London Camden Dingwalls
6th November, 2006

View: bar stool, stage right

Returning to the capital in cheerier form than their previous showing, the Swedish quintet blasted a spartan 20s-30s crowd with their brand of blistering power/prog-metal. Led by singer/guitarist Tom Englund, the hairy Scandinavians impressed from the opening Blinded, with its thwacking rhythm and storming riffage, to a triple-whammy encore 15 songs and 95 minutes later. The clapalong End Of Your Day showcased some big synths runs, Rivers Of The Mind boasted Yngwie-esque fretting, and the double kick-drum was ratcheted up for As I Lie Bleeding. Further Monday Morning Apocalypse material included the singalong battery of Obedience, while new track, Even The Memories, calmed things in a
Pink Floyd The Division Bell­-era way. Other hurtling numbers such as More Than Ever and The Great Deceiver kept up the unrelenting pace, making for a masterclass in cerebral metal.

Reviewed by Tim Jones
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