Megadeth - Endgame

The decade-long comeback continues…

Megadeth have been trying to
recapture their 80s glory for so
long that most people have
forgotten what the fuss was
about. Here’s how it went: a
brace of killer albums off the
bat in 1985 and ’86, a lesser
one in ’88 and then the
career-best Rust In Peace in 1990. ’Deth lost their way in
the 90s, while mainman Dave
Mustaine has spent the years
since looking for Rust In Peace
Part 2.

To many fans’ relief,
Endgame provides that sound in
abundance, specifically on
Headcrusher and 1,320°, both
based on incredibly complex riffs
and fast beats that could have
come straight from 1987. This
Day We Fight!, the superb
instrumental Dialectic Chaos
and How The Story Ends amp up
the ferocity.

That said, as with everything
Mustaine has done since being
booted out of Metallica in 1983,
Endgame contains mid-tempo
tedium that’s been sending fans
to sleep for years. The big
acoustic epic (there’s always
one) is called The Hardest Part
Of Letting Go… Sealed With A
Kiss, and if you find Mustaine’s
over-emoting snarl hard enough
to accept in the metal songs, it’s
even harder in a ballad. Still,
Endgame is the best album
Megadeth have done in years.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Joel McIver
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