Einsturzende Neubauten, Damo Suzuki
Glasgow Tramway
25th April, 2007

View: standing, middle

Given his Can connections,
Suzuki is the ideal artist to open
for Neubauten. Putting his
manifesto of free improvisation to
practice by only meeting up with
the musicians he’s to play with on
the day of the show, the
cacophonous assembly
resembles a music
therapy session. Damo’s set, as a
result, takes the form of one long
circuitous jam that occasionally
threatens to break into selected
themes from Can’s Tago Mago.
Neubauten’s Scottish debut in a
tram shed sees the inimical NU
Unruh make his presence
felt via the familiar battery of
sundry metallic objects and a tub
of Styrofoam. But Neubaten now
is more about texture and tonality
than unleashing extreme
volume and power, and the
immaculately turned-out Blixa
Bargeld, in customary dark suit
and bare feet – a beguiling
presence – is taken aback by the
warmth of the crowd’s response.
“Why didn’t you make all this
noise 20 years ago?” he cracks.
The fact is, they never had the
chance until now.

Reviewed by Grahame Bent
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