Eddi Reader
Dublin Academy
21st February, 2009

View: off centre, front

Eddi Reader’s relaxed,
comfortable set belies a lady in
love with song – “a whore for a
good song,” she admits. From
the new, Dean Martin-esque
Waltz: Dragonflies, to the
traditional Robbie Burns’ Leezie
Lindsay, she’s comfortable with
her entertainer status. A grand
version of The Moon Is Mine
(with Roy Dodds on drums) sat
nicely alongside Declan
O’Rourke’s haunting love song,
Galileo (Someone Like You). It
was therefore a shame that the
relaxed evening climaxed in a
rushed You Send Me,
dominated by a preoccupied,
distracted Brian Kennedy on
guest vocals. Reader seemed
genuinely unaware of the
promoter’s intention to get her
off before her set was over, as
an acoustic rendition of Perfect
would’ve topped off a superb

Reviewed by James Masterson
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