Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

Sixth album, just “alright”

Recorded over a period of nine months at the
respected Hansa Studios in Berlin, Diamond Hoo
Ha might just be one album too far for the now-quartet
of Supergrass.

Much of the material sounds like filler left off of
the previous five albums, and only lead single,
Diamond Hoo Ha Man, makes any kind of effort to
stick around in the brain after a few listens. But
even that pales in comparison to the highly
accomplished, understated and tragically
commercially unpopular Road To Rouen album of
2005. Whisky & Green Tea sounds like a poor
man’s late-period Primal Scream, while even
shorter, punchier numbers such as 345 seem
overblown when compared to the sense of fun
once inherent in this group.

If anything, Supergrass seem to have taken a
step backwards, lowered their standards and
settled for whatever came out. When Gaz and
Danny toured tracks under an alias as an
incendiary duo late last year, the music shone as a
result of their musicianship. On record, however,
it’s a flat-sounding sigh, although admittedly only
their first major slip-up.

2 stars 2 stars

Parlophone | tbc

Reviewed by Jake Kennedy
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