Dave ‘Boss’ Goodman Benefit
London Inn On The Green
12th November, 2010

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A short lurch from the
traditional Deviants/Pink Fairies
stomping ground, this gig
doubled as a benefit for Boss
and a launch for Portobello
Shuffle. The Damned’s Brian
James plus the Fairies rhythm
section of Russell Hunter and
Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson
managed I’m Waiting For My
Man and Route 66. But the
highlight was Pink Fairies tribute
band, Pink FA, with City Kids,
Street Urchin and I Wish I Was
A Girl, and not even the addition
of Nik Turner on sax scuppered
them! Guitarist Tim Rundall did
a couple of songs (including
Alex Chilton’s Underclass)
before being gradually joined by
Mick Farren, Russell and Sandy,
et al. The set worked well during
Farren’s lyrical pieces, less so
when the musicians started
Hawkwinding. A singalong of
The Deviants’ Let’s Loot The
Supermarket provided a rousing finish, with Boss making an
on-stage cameo. Finally, John
Sinclair performed spoken-word,
backed by The Dirty
Strangers, and Angel in
matching pink wings.

Reviewed by Simon Wright
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