Cradle Of Filth - Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa

 More elegant blasphemy from darkest Suffolk

Darkly, Darkly, Venus

By now Cradle Of Filth, Britain’s
most accomplished extreme
metal band by some distance,
have discarded their old,
establishment-baiting antics and
taken up a comfortable position
as national treasures. They still
play as fast and aggressively as
any of their Swedish or American
counterparts, but the
atmosphere on their ninth album
– just as with everything they’ve
done for the last decade or so –
is one of refined sophistication
rather than confrontation.

Darkly, Darkly, Venus
Aversa is a concept album
devoted to the tale of Lilith
(Adam’s pre-Eve companion in
the Garden Of Eden), a saga
rich in material for Cradle’s
approach. It’s a relief to hear
that the Suffolk sextet aren’t
resting on their laurels, taking
some unexpected musical
diversions here and there,
specifically on the unusually
upbeat Lilith Immaculate.
Gorehounds will relish the
accelerated tempos all over the
album, and an increased blast
quotient than the more thrash-based
Cradle albums. As
always, the lyrical diet covers
sinfulness, death, redemption
and physical lust, constituting
a total recipe that’s unique in
the metal world with a very
English take on the old
template. Long may Cradle
continue to offend.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Joel McIver
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