Clair Obscur - COIT: A Collection Of Isolated Tracks 1981-1988

Dark and shiny electro treasures

Anyone with an interest in the
work of Paul Simpson and The
Wild Swans might disagree with
Clair Obscur’s ‘French goths’ tag
(though they often drift into dark,
murky waters), instead recognising
the vocal stylings that they
provide. Among the rare single,
compilation and unreleased tracks
that appeared on the Apocalyptic
Vision-released CD, A Collection
Of Isolated Tracks 1982-1988, in
1995, this double-LP also
features an extra 13 tracks.

Clair Obscur’s name possibly
derives from a technique of using
light and shade in pictorial
representation. Lo and behold,
much of this is best described as
being the musical equivalent.
Sadly, the sound quality has
similar peaks and troughs, with
some of the rarer tracks being a
mite ropey. Collectors will
appreciate the rarities, while fans
of 80s electro in general will be
delighted in discovering the rest.
There are only 600 copies of this
album available.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Vinyl On Demand | VOD 41 (2-LP)

Reviewed by Paul Rigby
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