London Kentish Town Forum
4th September, 2009

View: right down there

The phrase ‘effortless majesty’ is
wholly appropriate for what went
on in North London this Friday
night, when Nile Rodgers and
Chic breezed into town, playing a
superb selection of old hits and
productions. With Kimberly Davis
and Melissa Jimenez on vocals,
and the wonderful ‘Sweet’ Cherie
Mitchell on keys, there were
times you almost didn’t long for
the classic 1977-83 line-up.
Jerry Barnes was a noble
replacement for Bernard
Edwards and, although you pine
for ’Nard’s remarkable playing,
Barnes’ presence and ability is
notable. But it is, of course,
Rodgers’ show – having fun with
material he’s played countless
times, and a few he hasn’t
touched for years. Drummer Ralph Rolle does an amusing
Bowie impression on Let’s
Dance, while Jimenez is
Madonna on Like A Virgin, a
record that was produced and
played by Rodgers. The glacial
splendour of Chic’s finest steal
the night: I Want Your Love, Le
Freak and Good Times still sound
fresher than a daisy. At the end,
Rodgers gives love to Bryan
Ferry, sitting in the circle: “No
Bryan, No Chic,” he intones, and
Ferry looks on, delighted. He
wasn’t the only one.

Reviewed by Daryl Easlea
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