The Coral - Butterfly House

Laurel Canyon-influenced sixth from Hoylake quintet

“We’d like to make records like
Neil Young makes records,” The
Coral’s multi-instrumentalist Nick
Power told this writer. “To put
albums out when we want to
and not care about fashion or
trends, then do the next album
in exactly the same way.”

The Coral, it could be
argued, have been doing that
since Day One. Their 2002
eponymous debut, with its
commitment to 60s-referencing
composition (The Beatles, Simon
& Garfunkel, The La’s, Teardrop
Explodes) balanced daydreamy
pop with the maverick, set The
Coral on their path of adventure
and galvanised a disenchanted
and disenchanting British indie
scene. Six albums down the line,
the John Leckie-produced
Butterfly House, their first since
guitarist Bill Ryder Jones left in
2008, continues to set the benchmark high. A thing of true
wonderment, it’s shimmering,
beatific multi-coloured coats of
guitars and vocal harmonies –
think The Everly Brothers, Byrds,
Crosby, Stills & Nash – dress
songs that primarily concern
themselves with the
demystification process. A
comment on society that’s lost
its belief in magic, songs such
as 1,000 Years, Two Faces,
Roving Jewel and the title cut
provide further proof there’s a
restorative power and romance
to be found in pop. It’s clear The
Coral still believe, and this is a
genuine contender for 2010
album of the year.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Deltasonic/Co Op | DLTCDX 086

Reviewed by Lois Wilson
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