Felt - Bubblegum Perfume

Creation-era Felt re-rereissued

It was always a bit sad that
Felt – and, of course,
Lawrence’s – oft-noted/
boasted achievement of
releasing 10 albums in 10
years before disbanding was
split across two labels. This
compilation, originally from
1990, captures Phase Two
(1986-89), when the band
were signed to Alan McGee’s
Creation imprint.

Opening with the
astounding, brief I Will Die
With My Head In Flames, this
was a band with a point to
prove. Sure, we may still not
know exactly what that point
was, but it’s mixed up in
forcefulness, subtlety and dry
wit. Note – not humour; Felt
music is serious but, at the
same time, introspective,
sorrowful, sarcastic, even
ambient at points.

To lump Felt in with The
Smiths is a common mistake.
A better comparison would be
The Fall at their most melodic,
or Orange Juice, Durutti
Column and perhaps Cocteau
Twins – anyone, in fact, who
never quite got the recognition
they deserved in the 80s, but
ploughed on regardless. Felt
still don’t get the respect they
should. It would be sweet,
though perhaps unlikely, if
this reissue got it for them.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Cherry Red | CDMRED 400

Reviewed by Jake Kennedy
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