Bruce Dickinson: Flashing Metal With Iron Maiden & Flying Solo
by Joe Shooman

Rapier-sharp, but shallow

Bruce Dickinson:
Flashing Metal With
Iron Maiden & Flying

Bruce Dickinson is one of the more accomplished figures in music: author, broadcaster, pilot, world-class fencer and possessor of one of the most distinctive voices in heavy metal history. A Renaissance man, then, thoroughly deserving of the biographical treatment.

As the first full-length (unauthorised) biography, this serves its purpose, covering all of the above-mentioned aspects of the great man’s life, but it’s a little disappointing overall. Although an absorbing, witty read, it ultimately tells us a lot about what Bruce Dickinson has done, but little about the man behind the busy schedule. We read that Bruce’s relationships within Samson and Iron Maiden were not always harmonious, but that is all. Similarly, we learn of his two marriages, but the wives themselves remain ciphers and his private life is simply not discussed. Luckily, even the bare facts of an extraordinary career make for a pretty good read, but you may ultimately feel you knew more about the man behind such achievements as The Chemical Wedding from his episode of ITV’s Faith & Music.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Independent Music Press | ISBN 0955282241

Reviewed by William Pinfold
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