Steve Harris - British Lion

A varied, enjoyable but inessential diversion

British Lion


Given the prominent
songwriting role that Iron
Maiden mainman Steve
Harris occupies in his main
band – and the obvious
ambition that said group’s
material has displayed in its
three-and-a-half decades
together – it was perhaps
inevitable that he would
eventually wish to express
himself outside the relatively
strict confines of Maiden.

British Lion has apparently
been worked on for a very long
time indeed, and that only
appears to have accentuated
the sense of variety at work.
The grungy tones of opener
This Is My God, for example,
nods at 90s alt.rock, whereas
The Chosen Ones harks back
to the 70s with its loveably
cheesy take on the likes of
UFO. Meanwhile, the
sentimental Eyes Of The Young
wouldn’t sound out of place in
an 80s LA hair metal band. It’s
really only on Us Against The
World (a Maiden song, simple
as that) that the expected
musical hallmarks appear,
albeit with Richard Taylor’s soft
voice – a far cry from Bruce
Dickinson’s muscular and
dramatic delivery.

To what extent this will be
of interest to Maiden fans is
uncertain and, though it’s not
entirely a chore to listen to, it
is probably not memorable enough to appeal far outside
of that circle.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

EMI | 9733132

Reviewed by Dayal Patterson
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