Supertramp - Breakfast In America: Deluxe 2-Disc Edition

Overblown soft rock going begging

In many ways, Supertramp
are the classic example of
the overblown 70s AOR
stadium band. Despite
enjoying modest success with
earlier hits such as Dreamer
and Give A Little Bit,
Breakfast In America was the
album that really established
them as a major draw in the
US. It’s also bolstered, on
this reissue, by four hit
singles – two of which, the
title track and The Logical
Song, will be instantly familiar,
even to those who know
nothing about the band.

It’s a classic example of
flawlessly-played and
-produced late 70s
transatlantic soft rock and, to
some, will be a perfect
demonstration of why punk
had to happen. The keyboard-dominated
songs are catchy,
glossy, well-played and (on the
down side) a little vapid. This
deluxe edition adds a disc of
live performances, mostly
drawn from the same concert
that gave rise to 1980’s live
album, Paris. Again, it’s hard
to fault the perfection the
band always bring to their
work; but, at the same time,
it’s easy to see why their
confident, easily digestible
music has always been
popular with the public, if not
the rock intelligentsia. And
who’s to say that’s a criticism?

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by William Pinfold
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