Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia
by Neil Daniels

By Jovi!

Bon Jovi

If you’re a Bon
Jovi fan then
you’re going to
find a lot to dive
into within these
pages. Prolific
rock and metal
author Neil
Daniels does a very good job in
detailing a veritable smorgasbord
of the events, places, people,
releases and merchandise of the
band, the writer displaying his
customary attention to detail and
enthusiasm for accuracy. Where
possible, Daniels intersperses the
basics with interviews with people
associated with the generously-coiffured
giants, including
photographer Ross Halfin whose
relationship with the Jovi is at
best a little bumpy.

There are a few pages which
are lists of tour dates – enough
to send anyone off into reveries
about Jon’s glistening torso,
which could well be the point.
There’s the odd glitch too, with a
couple of pages out of sequence
in our review copy but, in
general, the band’s longevity and
sheer mass of material, plus
200 black-and-white pics is
enough to make this a worthy
addition to the bookshelf. Love
’em or hate ’em, 120 million
album sales ain’t half impressive
and the narrative that emerges
from this encyclopedia goes
some way to showcasing the
nuts’n’bolts of their rise to the

2 stars 2 stars

Chrome Dreams | ISBN 9781842404645, 288 pages

Reviewed by Joe Shooman
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