Body/Head - Body/Head Coming Apart

Mission Kimpossible

Having issued several
releases on tiny independent
labels, Coming Apart marks
the first appearance on
Matador for Body/Head, a duo
comprising Massachusetts
noise artist Bill Nace and Kim
Gordon, formerly of Sonic
Youth. For many, then, this
will mark the first music
heard from Gordon since her
previous band’s split.
Coming Apart is an
undeniably challenging,
lengthy series of mostly
improvised pieces, featuring
vocals from Gordon. The
elephant in the room here is
the extent to which they’re
informed by Gordon’s split
with her previous band and
husband. Any attempts not to
read too much into this are
doomed to be short-lived:
Coming Apart is one of the
most cathartic, wounded
records in recent memory. At
times, on tracks such as Last
Mistress, Murderess or
Everything Left, it’s a little
hard to take, ensuring that
the quiet beauty of the
instrumental Untitled makes
for a welcome spot of respite.
Final track Frontal could be
the pick of the bunch, its
anger matched by the furious
guitar work.
Fans of Sonic Youth at
their most experimental will
know what to expect, anybody
coming to this with fresh ears
should try before they buy.
Jamie Atkins
3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Matador | cat no tbc (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Jamie Atkins
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