Tindersticks - BBC Sessions

Mourn their passing

The world is a dismal place:
Britain’s Got Talent happens,
America churns out radioactive
pop guff like LeAnne Rimes and
still, still, Mariah Carey lives on.
You could forgive the world its
misgivings though if Tindersticks
had had just one hit record. Just
one. Was that too much to ask?

Sure, they made six ‘classic’
albums, each one offering vaguely
differing slants on their sodden,
boozy balladeering (one was
comparatively lo-fi, one was about
the groove, another even
approached soul). They also had
nine visits to the Beeb to prove
they could cut it live. Early track
Her crops up three times, Tiny
Tears is sweeping and as lost as
ever, Bearsuit gamely hints at a
malevolence always at the core of
the Tindersticks sound. They cover
Pavement. But still, no hits were
forthcoming. Even something
delicious, tear-jerking and ecstatic
all at once, My Sister, a track
written from the perspective of a
brother seeing for his blind sister,
who, when she gets her sight
back, claims she would “never
blink again”, remained
distressingly below the radar.

It’s OK, though. They’d have
spent it all on suits anyhow. The
world is a bad place, and no one
knew it better than Tindersticks.

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

Island | 9849276 (2-CD)

Reviewed by Jake Kennedy
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