Nils Lofgren - Back It Up!! Live… An Authorized Bootleg

First official release for a much-coveted live promo

By the time his eponymous first
album for A&M came out in 1975,
Nils Lofgren, then just 24, boasted
a CV packed with so many
impressive achievements that it
seemed to belie his relative youth.
Hailing from Maryland, Lofgren
was discovered by Neil Young and
got to play on the Canadian
singer/songwriter’s After The Gold
Rush and Tonight’s The Night
albums, and record with Crazy
Horse. Not content with being a
sideman, Lofgren also led his own
early 70s band, Grin, wowing the
critics but not the public.

When Lofgren’s debut studio
platter failed to set the world
alight, A&M execs decided to
press up 1000 copies of this
sensational live show, recorded in
1976, for a US radio station.
Although this promo-only LP
couldn’t transmit the visual aspect
of Lofgren’s flamboyant onstage
showmanship (he’d do back-flips
off a trampoline while taking a
guitar solo) it successfully
captured the infectious energy of
his live performances and won him
an army of new admirers. Over 30
years later, the energy is still
palpable on this seven-track
album that includes combustible
versions of Keith Don’t Go, Back It
Up and Beggar’s Day. A defining
moment in Lofgren’s storied

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Hip-O Select/A&M | B 0008492-02

Reviewed by Charles Waring
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