Poco - All Fired Up

Country-rock veterans return
Though they’ve existed in one
form or another for an
impressive 45 years, All Fired
Up is only the second visit to
the recording studio this
century by the country-rockers
whose name crops up
regularly in the biographies of
more celebrated acts (Buffalo
Springfield, Eagles). Singersongwriter
Rusty Young
remains the constant, this
latest line-up bolstered by
another pair of solid and
sympathetic writers, bassist
Jack Sundrud and keyboardist
Michael Webb.

However, while the album
is bristling with competent
and perfectly palatable songs,
it struggles to reach any of
the band’s earlier high-water
marks, suffering from
a general sense of anonymity.
The title track echoes with the
sweet harmonies of yore, and
there’s dextrous musicianship
aplenty on the hypnotic When
She’s Mine and the jangly
warmth of Love Has No
Reason, but they feasibly
could have been soldered
together by anyone.

Young is savvy enough to
realise that, to a certain strata
of music fan, Poco remains a valuable brand name to help
sell tickets for shows that will
undoubtedly leaf liberally
through the group’s back
pages. All Fired Up, though,
is a touch too generic to have
Young and his new cohorts
making too many changes to
the live setlist.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Terry Staunton
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