Cast - All Change: Deluxe Edition

They’ve got the Power

With the benefit of hindsight
the mid-to-late 90s were a
particularly strange time for
British music. The most
uninspired and backwards-thinking
of bands managed to
routinely achieve million-selling
albums and Top 5
singles, seemingly making a
virtue of their ordinariness.
Astonishingly, Cast’s All
Change became the fastest-selling
debut in Polydor’s
history, somehow eclipsing
efforts by The Who, Jimi
Hendrix and The Jam.

After becoming frustrated
with the The La’s’ lack of
progress, bassist John Power
took stock and worked on his
own material. Once signed,
success came quickly to the
band and John Leckie was
drafted in to oversee recording.
(Interestingly, though, Power’s
demo recordings are collected
on the second disc of this
collection and often prove more
subtle and charming than their
final versions.)

The resulting All Change
establishes Cast as a Gerry &
The Pacemakers to Oasis’
Beatles, Power cooing quasi-mystical
rhyming dictionary
nonsense over tired mod
clichés. On occasion, such as
lead single Fine Time, they
achieve a verve and immediacy
that helps them rise from such
depths but, on the whole, All
Change has dated badly and it’s
difficult to see exactly who this
reissue is for.

1 stars

Universal | 5330118 (2-CD)

Reviewed by Jamie Atkins
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