Palma Violets - 180

Bitter sweets

The latest band hailed as the
Great White Hopes of bland,
student-friendly indie-rock,
Palma Violets have,
remarkably, managed to make
a record so uninspiring and
undercooked it makes the
likes of The Vaccines or
Razorlight seem like
misunderstood savants.

180 begins with their
calling card, Best Of Friends,
which was, quite incredibly,
voted the best song of 2012
by the NME; it’s garage rock
by numbers and sounds like it
took as long to write as it
does to listen to. In the right
hands this is no bad thing –
the crux of rock’n’roll, even.
Here it’s stodgy, with a bass
line that plods along following
the tame-sounding rhythm
guitar and a charmless mess
of lyrics.

Things get worse: we find
a young band seemingly just
getting to grips with the basics
of playing their instruments,
flitting from apeing The Kinks
(All The Garden Birds) to
a series of slightly cringe-worthy
Jim Morrison
impressions (Tom The Drum
stands out). Perhaps with time
and the right producer, Palma
Violets may fulfil their live
promise. Unfortunately, on
record, they have to rely on
the quality of their material – and have fallen a long way short. 

1 stars

Rough Trade | tbc (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Jamie Atkins
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