RC 331 was one of your best issues ever with very interesting features about collector Nick DiFonzo and his ‘bad taste’ record covers, the Doors interview, the Psychedelia USA singles feature, the 10cc interview, the review of the ‘new’ amazing Beatles Love album with accompanying George Martin interview and not least the great Clive Selwood interview and Dandelion article!
Regarding the latter I’d like to point out a couple of mistakes! You say the (much underrated) Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe album from 1971 is their fourth album. Well, it’s not, it’s their third, after two on Sonet. Their fourth, after which they broke up, was called Miley Smile-Stage Recall (Sonet SLTS 1540) in 1972.
The (again) vastly underrated Dutch band Supersister did not split up after their Dandelion album, but released Pudding And Gistern on Polydor (2925 007) in 1972 and then Iskander on Polydor (2925 021) in 1973 and finally Spiral Staircase on Polydor (2441 048) in 1974. 

by Haaken Eric Mathiesen
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