I loved the 200 Rarest Albums but would like to
point out a continuing anomaly in respect of the
existence of a Genesis Nursery Cryme ‘Tour Label’
variation of this LP, listed at £550, No 82 in this
month’s list.

I have been collecting Genesis for more than 20
years and regularly contribute to the official Genesis
website forum dedicated to their collectable output.
The existence of this variation of Nursery Cryme has
been debated by Genesis collectors several times in
the past on the forum, each time with the
conclusion that such a variation did not leave the
record pressing plants in this form.
The tour label in question is in itself a quite
separate item, actually being a sticker given away
at concerts in the latter half of 1972, being
modelled on the prevailing Charisma Large Hatter
label design. Many fans recollect this item being
given away at this time.

I believe the information for this entry in your
article originally comes from Peter Vickers who has
contributed information to you before on Genesis
articles. He has produced a Genesis collectable
book which lists the item at £550 and mentions
there are only two known copies of this variation,
however his book also only shows a copy of the
sticker, not the LP with the sticker on.

I am unaware that a scan or photo exists
anywhere which shows the full record complete with
this sticker, but in any case without doubt those
copies which claim to be ‘Tour Label’ have had the
sticker added subsequently by a couple of
individuals at the time, rather than being applied at
the factory.

Moving forward, it would be nice to see price
guides etc having a caption of “existence
unconfirmed” or “with tour sticker applied to label
post production” noted against relevant items as I
don’t think it is accurate to give the impression this
variation was ever officially produced.

by Alan Champion
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