I very much enjoyed the AC/DC Worldwide Collectibles article in RC 364. However, the Japan press Blow Up Your Video 24 Carat Gold CD listed at around $500 + is not a promo only sampler. This can be seen from the Yen4300 price at the top of the obi-strip. It was an extremely limited release, of which I bought several (and sold at a much later date). The CD shown in the photo is a Sample/Promo copy of the regular distribution item – Japanese writing etched on the CD inner ring reads ‘sample’ (Mihonban). Having said that, the price of $500+ appears to be correct. A Promo Only AC/DC sampler CD from Japan would definitely demand a higher value and therefore be a sound’ investment! At the time of this CD’s release, there were many other 24 Carat Gold CD titles pressed featuring different artists, most of which were extremely limited and are now almost impossible to locate. I live here in Japan and haven’t seen any up for sale for some time.

by Robert A. Bruce
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