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Articles in the current Issue



There was a time when the Ramones meant more than a means to flog a T-shirt. With the release of his autobiography, Marky Ramone talks to Ken Sharp, who also brings RC an unpublished interview with Dee Dee Ramone, the band’s top toonsmith They looked like they came out of a manhole cover in the deep bowels of New York City. Four punk rock ragamuffins in torn blue jeans, matching black leather …




From electro upstarts to rock legends, Depeche Mode’s journey has been long and at times tough. Collecting them is as demanding, with formats galore. But it’s also rewarding, as Evangelos Zaoutsos explains in this guide to their global rarities Arguably the best of the electro-pop outfits to emerge in the wake of the new wave, and certainly the only one of the 80s to translate their early …

ARTICLE From Issue 438



Frank Sinatra would have been 100 this year. While his legend grows, during his lifetime he had his ups and downs – and none more so than in The Beatles’ decade. Spencer Leigh charts his golden moments during the 60s – and his disastrous decisions Frank Sinatra was a fighter, no doubt about that, though not in World War Two. He was a rising star during the conflict, winning enough success …

ARTICLE From Issue 438

Latest News

Box sets from Bruce Springsteen, ABBA, REM, Jesus Jones, Tears For Fears, The Jam, Simon & Garfunkel, The Moody Blues, Ulver, The Go-Betweens. Deluxe Jethro Tull. Q&As with: Devilment's Dani Filth, Rammstein's Richard Kruspe, Live, Kobra & The Lotus.

Reviews from the current issue

Here is a selection from over 200 reviews from this month's Record Collector, the magazine that has the world's largest coverage of reissues

CHRIS THOMPSON - Jukebox: The Ultimate Collection

Manfred’s mid-70s man in various guises You’ll remember New Zealander Chris Thompson for his work singing Manfred Mann’s Earthband hits such as Blinded By The Light, and for featuring on Jeff Wayne’s original War Of The Worlds. He also co-penned You’re The Voice for John Farnham.  This rather naffly packaged compilation, with its cut-price cartoon graphics, follows …

ALBUM REVIEW From Issue 438

THE HARD LUCK FIVE - Rye Coalition: The Story Of The Hard Luck Five

This band could be your life “The Hard Luck Five” is an interesting descriptor for a band that managed to release four LPs, several near-legendary EPs and toured the US off their own bat. After 10 years of slogging it out and watching as major labels showered their lesser contemporaries in cash, a breakthrough finally came courtesy of a deal with Dreamworks and a Dave Grohl-produced …

DVD REVIEW From Issue 438

RAY DAVIES - Ray Davies: A Complicated Life by Johnny Rogan

Latest Rogan doorstop is definitive Kink kronikle It’s always a delight to encounter a biography which has been meticulously researched, crafted with a near-obsessive passion and boasts abundant original interviews – especially in these times of cut-and-paste hack-jobs and shallow memoirs. Johnny Rogan has been forging his enormous, definitive tomes for over 30 years and artists …

BOOK REVIEW From Issue 438

JEFFERSON STARSHIP - Bilston Robin 2 (2nd February, 2015)

View: stage-left After last year’s hit-and-miss 40 Years In Space shows, the band returned to celebrate a half-century of their predecessor, Jefferson Airplane. Helmed by original guitarist Paul Kantner and Jefferson long-termer David Freiberg, the six-piece’s set-list focused on their 60s/70s prime. The trip took them from the Byrdsian jangle of Let’s Get Together, to the …

LIVE REVIEW From Issue 438


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