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Articles in the current Issue



The debut album holds a unique place in music. Little wonder, then, that it’s often the most collectable item by an artist. Ian Shirley, editor of the Rare Record Price Guide 2016, brings us 51 opening shots worth targeting Even in this age of digital downloads and streaming of individual tracks, the debut album by an artist is of vital importance and of great interest to fans. It reveals not …




As an indie label, you’re meant to smoulder bravely for a few years, then burn out! So how has the Fire imprint survived for 30 years, sparking collectable gems from the likes of Pulp, without being extinguished? Tim ‘Ferno’ Peacock delves deep Record companies’ roles in promoting and marketing music have changed beyond recognition since 2000. Most surviving majors and independents …

ARTICLE From Issue 433



Our latest Rare Record Club album is a hand-finished reproduction of a captivating private-press acid-folk LP from 1971. The artist, Ken Saul, tells Ian Shirley all about his beautiful Seashells The latest entry to the Rare Record Club came through a source close to home – the Rare Record Price Guide itself! When updating the 2016 edition, I was examining prices for the rare folk-rock Stone …

ARTICLE From Issue 433

Latest News

Box/deluxe sets from Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughan, T.Rex, Donna Summer, Henry Mancini, Rush, Johnny Mathis, Ronnie Milsap. Reissues from Suede, HIM, Bryan Adams. Q&As with: Ex-Genesis' Anthony Phillips, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Jethro Tull's Martin Barre, Godflesh, Marillion's Steve Rothery.

Reviews from the current issue

Here is a selection from over 200 reviews from this month's Record Collector, the magazine that has the world's largest coverage of reissues


Opposites attract Scott Walker needs no introduction, and readers will know Sunn O))) from our interview with them last month (RC 432). The group play long, slow and repetitive swatches of colour at fearsome volume, and their 2009 opus, Monoliths & Dimensions, O’Malley has since revealed, originally had Walker on its list of dream collaborators.  After Walker’s 2012 album …

ALBUM REVIEW From Issue 433

BRIAN JONES - Sympathy For The Devil by Paul Trynka

A sensible, sensation-free study of a driven musician By no means the first book dedicated to Brian Jones, Paul Trynka’s biography is, welcomingly, one of the least salacious and less tabloid-minded than various earlier tomes. It may be subtitled The Birth Of The Rolling Stones And The Death Of Brian Jones, but it’s the first part of that phrase that gives the text its momentum. In …

BOOK REVIEW From Issue 433

OZZY OSBOURNE - Memoirs Of A Madman

Still riding the crazy train People mock Ozzy Osbourne for lots of things: his permanent inability to do anything on stage but shuffle around and clap his hands, his tremulous Brummie monotone, his quarter-tone-flat vocals. But, as this set reminds us, his career has been a truly remarkable one, even if you discount his phenomenal body of work with Black Sabbath.  What we have here is …

DVD REVIEW From Issue 433

- Towersey, Oxon (23rd October, 2014)

View: left, standing A double celebration saw the world’s oldest independent record label, Topic, mark its 75th anniversary as part of Towersey’s 50th birthday. Led by musical director Eliza Carthy, the two-hour concert saw established and emerging artists pay homage to Topic’s hefty, historic catalogue. Among those paying tribute were Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker …

LIVE REVIEW From Issue 433


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